_MG_0759-3As a Communications and Public Relations professional I have a keen interest in the role communications plays in business development, community initiatives and organization branding. I am passionate about developing an idea or a vision using a variety of effective communication tools to build a recognizable and attractive brand. My creativity brings me out of the box resulting in deliverables that reach audiences in new and effective ways.


  1. Empathy: This strength speaks to my ability to relate to others, exercise good judgement and be sensitive to those around me.
  2. Developer: The developer strength means I am able to “recognize and cultivate the potential in others.” Being a developer, I place great value on building meaningful relationships and have strong interpersonal skills.
  3. Belief: With a strong talent in the belief theme, I am steadfast in my core values and these values provide direction and purpose for my life. With this strength I am inclined to look for employment that has clear purpose and meaning.
  4. Achiever: As an achiever I am a hard worker and gain great satisfaction from being busy and productive. I set high standards for myself and others and am motivated by concrete results and outcomes.
  5. Positivity: With a strength in positivity, I am an enthusiastic and likeable individual. I tend to fully engage in the relationships and activities I am involved with and have an optimistic outlook on the circumstances I am in.

Areas of Professional Strength

  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Desktop publishing & graphic design
  • Leadership skills
  • Project facilitation
  • Strategic planning
  • Website and blog development
  • Keyboard and computer skills
  • Organizational and multi-tasking skills


  • Communications Director, The Landing Company, 2014- Present
  • Communications & PR Volunteer, Westview Centre4Women2010- Present
  • Marketing & Communications Volunteer, Garden City Food Co-op, 2015-Present
  • Board Member & Volunteer Marketing Chair, Garden City Food Co-op, 2013- 2015
  • Community & Public Relations Coordinator, YWCA Niagara Region, 2012-2014
  • Online Experience & Communications Volunteer, United Way Ottawa, 2013
  • Community Animator, The RAFT, 2010-2011


  • Public Relations Certificate, Niagara College, 2009-2010
  • Bachelor of Sociology, Minor in Music, Brock University, 2006-2009


  • Interior Design Continuing Education, Niagara College, 2014



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