The Cardboard House

My latest project was a PR campaign called, “the Cardboard House”. Inspired by the Street Project, the idea was generated around a fundraising event that I coordinated, No Fixed Address. We wanted to create an awareness campaign that would allow the public to gain a better understanding of hidden homelessness here in Niagara and help promote the event. From conception to reality, the first Cardboard House was built and installed in the largest mall in the Region in six weeks. The Cardboard House tours people through the misconceptions, realities and solutions to homelessness here in Niagara.

After great success with over 4000 people coming through the House, the YW decided to rebuild the house, and take it on tour across the Region. I was the project manager for both initiatives, coordinating the sponsors, volunteers, design, graphics and construction of the project. The second edition’s structural design and exterior facade, was designed by Nigel Scott, an architect from the Quartek Group Inc.

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Here is an article about the second edition.



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