Annual Reports

With my work with the YWCA Niagara Region, I am giving the task of creating and developing the yearly Annual Report for the organization. Traditionally, annual reports are made up of dry facts and information about the organization, with a couple stories to move the reader along. When asked to create something unique, I took the opportunity to do something brand new and innovative.

The first year, I created a journal, capturing the experience of a fictitious client, whose story likened many of the real clients that come through our door. I told the story of Jen and her granddaughter Ellie and their journey through the YW services. This 24 page journal invites the reader into the world of the YW, while still relaying the pertinent information about the organization.

Click on the image for a pdf of the report.


The following year, I again was given the annual report task and instead of writing a 24 page journal, I took it to the other extreme and developed a one page report that focused strictly on the facts, in an accessible and interesting way.

The message that we wanted to convey was that the YW offers much more than shelter, but has a plethora of services, offering women and their families as solution out of poverty. Using the image of house, we created an origami style house that can be opened to reveal the report. Like with any good annual report, we used a story to engage the reader and prompt them to read further.


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