Living Life with Food

A friend of mine asked me to help her with her blog called “Living Life with Food.” The blog is essentially a cook book of recipes that she has either created, adapted or changed to fit into her family’s dietary preferences- whole grains, non-processed sugars and better dairy. The blog came after a number of requests from friends for Jenn to share her recipes and so the blog began. Living Life with Food has always been one of my favourite blogs to visit but the esthetics needed a little work.

A brand, or character was what the blog was truly lacking and so before I began, we set a few goals to help us in the process:

  1. Make it fun and creative
  2. Use strong colours
  3. Keep it easy for readers to find recipes

1. Make it fun and creative

What better way to keep things fun than with a cartoon. Using Adobe Illustrator, I created a character for the blog that would both exemplify Jenn and also promote a fun feel. The Cook logo adds a flare on each page and is fun, flirty and funky.

2. Use strong colours

Jenn wanted strong and bold colours, no milky tones for her. After some back and forth, the colour scheme was chosen with ORANGE as the background. Wow!

3. Keep it accessible

Being a blog dedicated to recipes, we thought it would be a good idea to have a cookbook viewing option. Under the tab, “Cookbook” I created a way for readers to browse through the recipes by category. With a readership who may or may not be very online savvy, I decided it was important to make it very easy for readers to find what they are looking for and so mimicking the table of contents of a physical cookbook I made all recipes accessible by category. So if they want to look for desserts, they can click on the dessert link and all the dessert recipes are there. Easy as pie.

Working the Jenn was so much fun and after it was all said and done, the blog looks great and I’m hungry for some tasty Chocolate Nut Truffles!


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