Employer Appreciation

With the holidays coming up, I thought I would showcase some festive material that I created earlier this year. Though this work was not created for a Christmas event, it had a warm feel that I think is fitting for the season.

Last year I was able to volunteer with my husband’s student association, HR@Niagara, to do some desktop publishing. The student run club put on an employers appreciation dinner where all employers of their internship program where invited to a formal dinner at a local restaurant. The event aimed to show the students’ gratitude to the employers for the opportunities they gave them. HR@Niagara asked if I would be willing to help with the invitations, tickets and name badges. I agreed without hesitation.

HR@Niagara was looking for an invitation that looked professional, elegant and inviting. They wanted the text to be concise, their logo to be prominent and the images to be festive. Below are the final results of my work.

the invitation that was sent via email

the ticket that was sent to all attending guests

an example of the name badge that was made for each guest

The event was a smashing success.


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