This past month I have been working on some communication tools for Women4Women, located in St. Catharines, Ontario. Women4Women is a small community-grounded outreach that provides a safe place for women of the Queenston Street Community to gather, exchange ideas, emotions and their lives. It is an incredible centre offering a wide variety of services and programs on a weekly basis. Women4Women is a truly inspiring place and so I was more than happy to volunteer my time in helping to spread the word about the work they are doing.

The first communication tool that I created was a three-fold information brochure. Being a grass-root organization, Women4Women needed a tool that they could hand out to community contacts, potential partners and funders. The objective was to give readers an idea of what Women4Women is, in as few words as possible. The director of Women4Women’s philosophy is “a picture says a thousand words” and so the focus of this brochure was the faces of Women4Women.

Created using Adobe InDesign

The other tool that was requested was a new website. Women4Women has had a website for a couple of years, however the woman who was running the website moved to a new community and was unable to maintain the old site. Women4Women’s director took this opportunity to create a new website and asked for my help.

Some requirements for the site were a)it need to be free b)accessible by multiple administrators c)easy to edit and update d)very user friendly as the main administrator has zero web development experience and e) simple and clean. I decided to go with Blogger as my host as it met all my requirements. Using the already established brand, I created a simple, clean and easily managed website/blog for the group. The community administrator can now go in, make additions, on their own, while still feeling good about the end product. I am pleased to launch www.w4w-queenston.blogspot.com.


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