The Lastest Tool

My boss approached me a week ago and asked me to come up with a new communications tool that would accomplish two things: 1) market the RAFT brand and 2) tell the public about community projects and events. He likened “it” to a media release but more like a newsletter; something that was accessible, half a sheet in size and could be found on community bulletin boards, coffee tables or even washroom stalls. His aim was to raise community awareness about the RAFT and its projects.

So I left with the assignment and came up a “community releases,”(as apposed to a media releases). A Community Release follows similar principles to a media release but is targeted to community members. The tool is meant to be eye-catching, relevant to the interests of the neighbourhood, all the-while promoting the RAFT brand.

After some brainstorming I created the idea of…

RAFT.i.n.g. will be the brand for our community release, “RAFT: Important News Glance.” The idea is that with each release this brand will be forefront and will help bring familiarity and context to the tool.

Here is my first attempt. What do you think?


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